The Starfish Story

"Early one morning a young girl was walking on the beach when she noticed thousands of stranded Starfish. To save them she began tossing them, one at a time, back into the ocean. When a passerby told her she couldn't possible save all the Starfish, she tossed one into the ocean and replied, "Well, I made a difference to that one." Inspired by the little girl, others came to help. Together, they made a difference."

Got this short story off the back of a "Pepperidge Farm Baked Goldfish/Starfish" bag.

If you have the ability to dream big, like the little girl from the story, than you have one of the main ingredients of becoming successful! According to multimillionaire, Matt Morris, this ability is the main reason he has had such a profitable career. When we were children we all had an amazing ability to dream. For an example when you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up? Do they say. "I'm going to try to be a fireman" or "I'm going to try to be an astronaut" or "I'm going to try to be a professional athlete". No they have their dream and that is what they are going to be! No if. and. or buts about it. Unfortunately, as they grow up, people begin to tell them they are being unrealistic, they tell them they should inspire to be something they can accomplish more easily. For many children society steals their dream. When a child lowers their expectations because of practicality, their dreams start to wither away. It's not the child's fault, they are just following the footsteps of their heroes. The heroes of most children are usually their parents. When they are growing up they see their parents as having all the answers and they can do anything, but as they get older they see their parents are giving up on their dreams. It's because they have made small goals like getting out of debt instead of owning a million dollars. Paying off their bills instead of living off the interest that is created from their investments. It's no surprise that children stop looking up to their parents as they get older. Which also leads to them giving up on their dreams also.

The common trait of all successful people is the ability to dream big dreams. According to Matt Morris, success is largely dependant on desire. A burning desire is what you need in your gut, to do what is necessary to succeed. I most definitely have this desire, I always have! My desire was to live, I was going to live my life no matter what! Growing up I always had people telling me that I shouldn't push myself, but I thought if I didn't push myself, I am not truly living. If I wanted to play sports, lift weights, ride my bike, or whatever I wanted to do, I did it. It may have taken me longer than most but I got it done and after wards I felt proud. I felt proud that I could actually accomplish what I have started. Especially, when I think about when I was two years old and the doctors told my parents that I had a 10% chance of actually surviving. Thank you Lord, for blessing me with 23 great years! I just try to ignore the pain in my body and keep pushing myself. You know what they say, "if you don't use it, you lose it". Don't let anyone, anything, even if it's your own body stop you, you can do whatever you put your mind to!

According to Matt Morris, the formula to creating a burning desire is through your dreams. Dreams are the fuel that fire desire. They are, what get you back on your feet when you are knocked down. Dreams are the motivating force that help to get that extra mile in. Dreams are the fuel that provide sheer willpower that allow you to say, "I can, I will, I must!" They give us power, they allow us to stand out above the crowd. They are also a main ingredient in leadership. Dreams provide inspiration to yourself and others when they are shared with enthusiasm and faith. This is why I truly believe in what Success University stands for, I also believe I am going to be very successful in the business! Why? Because it is my dream!

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