Tidings of Great Joy

[Picture from catholic-resources.org]

"In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. (This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.) And everyone went to his own town to register.

So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David. He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child. While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn."
[Luke 2: 1-7]

When Jesus was born he was put in a manger because there was no room at the inn. Can you believe that? The king of kings and lord of lords was born and no one could spare a room! Sounds just like today, how often do we not have enough room for God? How funny how that works we are blessed with life and we cannot find the time for the one who had created us. Just can’t find the time, too busy! Sorry God got more important things to do.

Soon afterwards an angel visited the shepherds that were tending their sheep in nearby fields, which terrified them. Anyone would have been startled. When was the last time an angel had paid you a visit?

Than an angel of the Lord said:

"Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger." [Luke 2:10-12]

I find this to be so wonderful. God the creator of all things was willing to make himself very vulnerable. Coming to earth as a baby through the blessed virgin Mary. He was willing to humble himself and step down from his heavenly throne to fulfill the prophecies of old. Not only that, but what a very humble birth at that. He wasn’t born in a palace, with wealthy parents. Instead he was born to very poor parents and was soon put in a manger for his bed.

Jesus was born in a little town of Bethlehem which is Hebrew for, “house of bread”. God in the flesh, resting in a manger! Jesus who said he was the bread of life, was resting in a feeding trough. Almost as if he was a grain offering. Imagine that!

I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.” [John 6:51]

Than when we think of how bread was made. The different grains were smashed and ground into flour and other ingredients were added such as yeast and oil than it was baked. The smashing of these grains would foreshadow what was in store for the son of God, being lashed, beaten, and than crucified for the sins of the world. Indescribable!

Another thing I thought was great was how angels paid a visit to shepherds to let them know that their “Savior” has been born. Of all the people, shepherds! The lowest of the low class, were told that the savior of the world was born! It wasn’t the Pharisee or the leaders of Judea but shepherds. Shepherds weren’t even allowed in the Temple because they were considered such outcasts. Many were considered to be thieves, murders, and their job made them an "unclean" people.

As soon as the shepherds had heard this news, a choir of angels burst into song praising the Lord!

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests." [Luke 2:14]

After this they dropped what they were doing and hurried to find what they heard about. They went to pay Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus a visit. This was one momentous event, and the only people that were invited were outcasts, shepherds, the rejects of society!

That sounds just like God hanging out with the riff raff of society. Like the sick, poor, brokenhearted, and sinners that no one else had time for. The cool thing is that, before Jesus’ return, we are all invited and believe me folks this is a party you don’t want to miss!

How can anyone describe the greatness of our Lord Jesus the Christ? I leave you with these words by a great preacher who often described his frustration of trying to wrap the glory of God into words.

“I know my words cannot honour him according to his merits : I wish they could. I am quite sure to fail in my own judgment when telling out his excellence ; indeed, I grow less and less satisfied with my thoughts and language concerning him. He is too glorious for my feeble language to describe him. If I could speak with the tongues of men and of angels, I could not speak worthily of him. If I could borrow all the harmonies of heaven, and enlist every harp and song of the glorified, yet were not the music sweet enough for his praises.” [Charles Haddon Spurgeon]

God bless and peace be with you all!

The Stranger

At Christmas time there was a Man who looked so out of place,
As people rushed about Him at a hurried sort of pace.

He stared at all the Christmas lights, the tinsel everywhere,
The shopping center Santa Claus, with children gathered near.

The Mall was packed with shoppers who were going to and fro,
Some with smiles and some with frowns and some too tired to go.

They rested on the benches or they hurried on their way,
To fight the crowd for purchases to carry home that day.

The music from a stereo was playing loud and clear,
Of Santa Claus and snowmen and a funny-nosed reindeer.

He heard the people talk about the good times on the way,
Of parties, fun and food galore and gifts exchanged that day.

"I'd like to know what's going on," the man was heard to say.
"There seems to be some sort of celebration on the way.

And would you tell me who this is all dressed in red and white?
And why are the children asking him about a special night?"

The answer came in disbelief, "I can't believe my ear!
I can't believe you do not know that Christmas time is here.

The time when Santa comes around with gifts for girls and boys.
When they're asleep on Christmas Eve, he brings them lots of toys.

The man you see in red and white is Santa Claus, so sly,
The children love his joyful laugh and twinkle in his eye.

His gift-packed sleigh is pulled along by very small reindeer,
As he flies quickly through the air, while going here and there.

The children learn of Santa Claus while they are still quite small,
When Christmas comes he is the most important one of all."

He held His head in shame, He closed a nail-pierced hand.
His body shook in disbelief; He did not understand.

A shadow crossed His stricken face, His voice was low but clear
"After all these years they still don't know." And Jesus shed a tear.

~Author Unknown~

I came across this at Jesus is the reason, I thought it described the world pretty well.

Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year! God bless and peace be with you all!

The Ladybug: "Just stopping by"

About a month ago, I remember after going to my dialysis center in Philadelphia, my mother and I stopped at a store. As she went into the store I waited in the car because I was still having a hard time breathing (fluid around my lungs). I had the window down because it was a nice sunny day. I was also enjoying my favorite radio station, Hope FM. As I was listening, I felt an itch on my arm I lifted my arm to closely examine my arm. There to my surprise, was a ladybug! I was glad I looked, because I was going to squash whatever it was. It was just a friendly ladybug paying a visit. Than I just watched the ladybug, it slowly crawled up my arm and than came to my hand and went onto my knuckles. It seemed to be showing off, stretching it’s wings and flaunting it’s beauty. I have to say while watching this ladybug, I really felt God’s presence and I just felt very relaxed and protected. I just felt like God was saying, “Just checking up on you”. After the ladybug got done stretching it’s wings, it just took off hovering away into the gentle wind across the parking lot. I thought it was a pretty cool experience.

[Picture from Wikipedia]

When I got home I did a little research on lady bugs. Here is what found:

“In parts of Northern Europe, tradition says that one's wish granted if a ladybird lands on oneself (this tradition lives on in North America, where children capture a ladybird, make a wish, and then "blow it away" back home to make the wish come true). In Italy, it is said by some that if a ladybird flies into one's bedroom, it is considered good luck. In central Europe, a ladybird crawling across a girl's hand is thought to mean she will get married within the year. In some cultures they are referred to as lucky bugs (Turkish: uğur böceği).
In Gaelic, the insect is called bóín Dé — or "God's little cow"; similarly, in Croatian it is called Božja ovčica ("God's little sheep"). In France it is known as bête à bon Dieu, "the Good Lord's animal", and in Russia, Божья коровка ("God's little cow"), while in both Hebrew and Yiddish, it is called "Moshe Rabbenu's (i.e. Moses's) little cow" or "Moshe Rabbenu's little horse", apparently an adaptation of the Russian name, or sometimes "Little Messiah".

Hmmm all these have to do with the Gospel, that’s pretty interesting! I would of never knew all this stuff. Than I thought, I wonder why a lady bug would have something to do with a “Moses little red cow” or red heifer and so…I did some research. Red cows are very rare, only nine had been sacrificed throughout Jewish history. This means it is a very rare occurrence considering Hebrew history spans back to AM 1948–2123 (1812 BCE to 1637 BCE).

Thomas what does AM stand for? AM is an abbreviation for Anno Mundi or "the year of the World" much like AD is Anno Domini or "the year of our Lord". But now the world has changed this to CE which stands for Common Era. Wonder why the world would want to change AD or take "the year of our Lord" away? (being sarcastic)

The importance of this red heifer to the Jewish people is pretty astounding. The ashes from the sacrifice of this perfect red heifer would cleanse the sins of the Jewish people which would allow them to be able to rebuild the Holy Temple! According to the Hebrews at the Temple Institute they believe, “the Holy Temple is the only solution for achieving the elusive peace we all desire to see: for the Creator Himself, the Supreme Author of peace, has stated: "The honor of this last house will be greater than that of the first, says the Lord of Hosts; and in this place I will grant peace, says the Lord of Hosts" (Hagai 2:9).”

Many believe that this red heifer could be soon arriving. In order for the Temple to be rebuilt, the Ark of the Covenant must also be in possession. According to the Temple Institute, Israel does indeed have this as well, it is hidden underneath the Temple mount.

“This location is recorded in our sources, and today, there are those who know exactly where this chamber is. And we know that the ark is still there, undisturbed, and waiting for the day when it will be revealed. An attempt was made some few years ago to excavate towards the direction of this chamber. This resulted in widespread Moslem unrest and rioting. They stand a great deal to lose if the Ark is revealed - for it will prove to the whole world that there really was a Holy Temple, and thus, that the Jews really do have a claim to the Temple Mount. (The official position of the Islamic Wakf, the body that governs over the Temple Mount, is that there never was a Holy Temple, and that the Jews have no rights whatsoever to the place)” [The Temple Institute]

The completion of the third Holy Temple will eventually bring the Messiah but there will be much chaos before that happens. If you would like to know more about what happens please read about it in the book of Revelations.

Wow, all this from a little visit from a Ladybug or “Moses little red cow”. Ladybugs “are generally considered useful insects as many species feed on aphids or scale insects, which are pests in gardens, agricultural fields, orchards, and similar places.” [Ladybug]

May be the reason why they were given the names of domesticated animals such as cow, horse, or sheep was because of the way farmers used Ladybugs to help maintain there crops from harmful pests. This is as close as I got to the reason why Ladybugs were given such names.

Anyway Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the post. Take care all you people, God bless and peace be with you!

Favorite Blog Award and Christian Blog Of The Week Award

This award was given to me by Gillian Mc Donald at UCANHOPE2 she is a Christian teacher who loves to read the word, pray and write articles about christian living, natural health and self improvement. Thank you Gillian for this award, to God be the glory!

Another award from my Christian sister Lori Laws at Persevere Her blog is great! Very inspirational and encouraging, you should stop by there if you need a lift! I humbly, accept your award Lori, but the glory goes to God, Glory to God in the Highest! I am just a humble servant of the Lord who deserves all the glory because without him I am nothing.

I would like to pass the award to other humble servants of God,

Chris from the Bible Post and Brian from The New Covenant.

Knowing Your Purpose

There’s an old joke about a preacher who was stranded on the roof of his church in a flood. As the waters rose higher around him he prayed fervently for God to rescue him. “The Lord will provide,” he told himself.

Soon a boat floated by. The occupants called to the preacher to swim to them. “Don’t worry about me,” he called back, “The Lord will provide”. Reluctantly the people on the boat went on.

The waters rose higher and soon were lapping around the knees of the man of God. Another boat appeared within a few yards of the church rooftop. The rescuers inside called to preacher, and again he replied, “The Lord will provide!” This boat went on, and the preacher prayed even more fervently.

Just as the waters reached the preacher’s chin, a helicopter appeared. It came flying right over the preacher’s head. The rescuers called down to the preacher, but then he clutched his steeple and cried, “Save someone else. The Lord will provide for me!” So the helicopter sat there a few minutes hovering over the preacher and than went off to save more people.

A few minutes after the helicopter left, the waters closed around the preacher’s head, and he drowned. Reaching the gates of heaven, he asked for an immediate audience with the Lord, which was granted. In the divine presence the preacher humbled himself and asked, “Heavenly Father, my work on earth was not yet finished. Why didn’t you save me?” “Good grief”, God replied. “I thought you wanted to come here. I sent you two boats and a helicopter, didn’t I?”

Moral of the Story

You better have your mind made up, so you don’t let any opportunities pass you by. If you don’t know what your purpose is than you better figure that out. You can start by writing down your major objective in life and what your plans are to achieving it. This is the first steps in self discipline. Self discipline is what makes you jump when your boat or helicopter comes by!

Life as a Dialysis Patient

I have had a rough couple of weeks with my health. I have been getting fluid around my lungs and this makes it hard to breathe. This makes it very difficult to do anything, a couple of steps tire me out and any kind of exercise tires me out which annoys me greatly. I know I need to exercise to stay strong and when I don’t get to, I feel very weak.

The reason I have fluid around my lungs is because of my dialysis. Sometimes the fluid gets absorbed throughout my body and it seems to form around my lungs. The only way to get this fluid out is by doing more dialysis. Yay! More dialysis talk about fun...

There is a lot of work that goes along with dialysis, such as trying to drink enough fluid or cut back on fluids. I have to say, I hardly drink anything and I still have trouble with fluid building up, which is very annoying, as you can imagine. Another thing is changing your diet around. You always have to make sure your numbers are at certain levels to keep your body healthy. To do that you have to take your medications, follow your diets, and follow your dialysis regimen. Here is a list of labs that are normally taken every month.

: A normal level of Albumin is 3.5 or greater. Peritoneal dialysis increases your protein needs. Eating plenty of protein helps with healing, building muscle, and it keeps you strong. If you have peritonitis, an infection in your peritoneum, your body needs even more protein than normal. You can increase albumin by eating more beef, chicken, turkey, fish, fresh pork, lamb, veal, egg or egg substitute. Take a protein supplement if recommended by dietitian.

Calcium: A normal level is 8.4 to 9.4. If too high try to avoid Tums, Rolaids, or other calcium pills unless prescribed. This is important for healthy bones and heart.

Cholesterol: A normal level is 100 to 200. Is a waxy, fatty substance found in tissues throughout the body. Certain types of cholesterol circulating in the bloodstream can accumulate in blood vessels, and eventually cause clots if not maintained. If you take medication to lower cholesterol, you can help keep your level normal by eating foods low in cholesterol and fat.

Ferritin: A normal level is 200 to 500. Ferritin is an iron-carrying protein which is a more accurate monitor of long term body iron status than the Blood iron level, which varies with diet.

Hemoglobin: A normal level is 11 or higher. A protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen from the lungs. If it is too low you may feel tired. It is important to take your Renal Vitamin everyday.

Hemoglobin A1C: A normal level is less than 7.0. Hemoglobin A1C measures blood sugar over a period of 2 or 3 months.

Iron saturation: A normal level is 20 to 50%. Iron is needed to build red blood cells and to prevent anemia.

Potassium: A normal level is 3.5 to 5.5. Normal potassium keeps your heart and nerves working well. Eating fruits and vegetables and taking a potassium supplement (if prescribed) helps keep your potassium normal.

Phosphorus: A normal number is 3.5 to 5.5. Most of the phosphorus in the body is found in the skeletal system, it helps keep your bones strong.

PTH Intact: A normal number is 150 to 300. PTH is your parathyroid hormone which acts as the most important endocrine regulator that controls calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood.

CA x PHOS: A normal number is less than 55. Calcium x Phosphorus = Product. To have a good product, follow a low phosphorus diet and taking your binders when you eat. Normal product is important for healthy bones and heart.

Triglycerides: A normal level is below 200. Triglycerides are fats normally found in your blood. Extra levels may be harmful to your heart. You can lower your levels by including fish high in omega-3 fatty acid; using olive or canola oil instead of butter or lard; avoiding alcohol and foods high in sugar, saturated fat, and cholesterol. If you have diabetes, try to keep your blood sugar normal. Weight loss if you are overweight and exercise help lower triglycerides.

KT/V: A normal level is 1.7 or higher. Your KT/V is the adequacy of dialysis. It is the measurement of how well your blood is being cleaned. A good number means your blood is being cleaned well. KT/V is affected by your dialysis treatment, such as number and size of bags, dwell time, transportation gradient, and how well you follow your treatment regimen. The benefits of adequate dialysis include feeling better, eating better, fewer hospitalizations, and living longer.

These are just a few of the things that we have to do as dialysis patients. Having kidneys made life a lot easier! :)

The King of Kings

An awesome sermon by Dr. S.M. Lockridge, You can read it below or just listen to it here. Enjoy! God bless and peace be with you!

My King was born King.
The Bible says He's a Seven Way King.
He's the King of the Jews - that's a racial King.
He's the King of Israel - that's a National King.
He's the King of righteousness.
He's the King of the ages.
He's the King of Heaven.
He's the King of glory.
He's the King of kings and He is the Lord of lords.
Now that's my King.

Well I wonder if you know Him. Do you know Him? Don't try to mislead me. Do you know my King?

David said the Heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament show His handiwork.

My King is the only one whom there are no means of measure can define His limitless love.No far seeing telescope can bring into visibility the coastline of His shore of supplies.No barriers can hinder Him from pouring out His blessing.

Well, well, He's enduringly strong.
He's entirely sincere.
He's eternally steadfast.
He's immortally graceful.
He's imperially powerful.
He's impartially merciful.
That's my King.

He's God's Son.
He's the sinner's saviour.
He's the centrepiece of civilization.
He stands alone in Himself.
He's honest.
He's unique.
He's unparalleled.
He's unprecedented.
He's supreme.
He's pre-eminent.

Well, He's the grandest idea in literature.
He's the highest personality in philosophy.
He's the supreme problem in high criticism.
He's the fundamental doctrine of proved theology.
He's the carnal necessity of spiritual religion.
That's my King.

He's the miracle of the age.
He's the superlative of everything good that you choose to call Him.

Well, He's the only one able to supply all of our needs simultaneously.
He supplies strength for the weak.
He's available for the tempted and the tried.
He sympathizes and He saves.
He's strong God and He guides.
He heals the sick.
He cleanses the lepers.
He forgives sinners.
He discharged debtors.
He delivers the captives.
He defends the feeble.
He blesses the young.
He serves the unfortunate.
He regards the aged.
He rewards the diligent and He beautifies the meek.

Do you know Him?

Well, my King is a King of knowledge.
He's the wellspring of wisdom.
He's the doorway of deliverance.
He's the pathway of peace.
He's the roadway of righteousness.
He's the highway of holiness.
He's the gateway of glory.
He's the master of the mighty.
He's the captain of the conquerors.
He's the head of the heroes.
He's the leader of the legislatures.
He's the overseer of the overcomers.
He's the governor of governors.
He's the prince of princes.
He's the King of kings and He's the Lord of lords.

That's my King. Yeah. Yeah.
That's my King. My King, yeah.

His office is manifold.
His promise is sure.
His light is matchless.
His goodness is limitless.
His mercy is everlasting.
His love never changes.
His Word is enough.
His grace is sufficient.
His reign is righteous.
His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

Well. I wish I could describe Him to you, but He's indescribable. He's indescribable.

Yes. He's incomprehensible.
He's invincible.
He's irresistible.
I'm coming to tell you, the heavens of heavens cannot contain Him, let alone a man explaining Him.
You can't get Him out of your mind.
You can't get Him off of your hands.
You can't outlive Him and you can't live without Him.

Well, Pharisees couldn't stand Him, but they found out they couldn't stop Him. Pilot couldn't find any fault in Him. The witnesses couldn't get their testimonies to agree. Herod couldn't kill Him. Death couldn't handle Him and the grave couldn't hold Him. That's my King. Yeah.

He always has been and He always will be. I'm talking about He had no predecessor and He'll have no successor. There's nobody before Him and there'll be nobody after Him. You can't impeach Him and He's not going to resign. That's my King! That's my King!

Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory. Well, all the power belongs to my King. We're around here talking about black power and white power and green power, but it's God's power. Thine is the power. Yeah. And the glory. We try to get prestige and honour and glory for ourselves, but the glory is all His.Yes. Thine is the Kingdom and the power and glory, forever and ever and ever and ever. How long is that? And ever and ever and ever and ever. And when you get through with all of the evers, then,


R.I.P. Uncle Chuck

Charles D. Slater, "Chuck", of Williamstown, passed on Sunday, November 23, 2008 at his home with family at his side. Age 60 years.

Born in Butler, PA, formerly of Deptford, Chuck has lived in Williamstown since 1973. Chuck was a veteran of the U.S. Army 4th Infantry Division serving in the Vietnam War. Chuck was a coppersmith for the Local Union No. 19 in Phila., Pa. Chuck was an avid hunter and most of all he was dedicated and devoted to his family.

Beloved husband of Regina (nee Holmes). Loving son of Louise Stahl. Devoted father of Kris Slater and Chad (Katie) Slater. Dear brother of Terry (Linda) Slater, John (Diane) Stahl, Barb (late Michael) Meglino and Marilyn Stahl. Loving Poppy to Jacob, Peter and Noel. He will be missed by his many friends and family.

Relatives and friends are invited to his viewing on Friday 10:00-11:30 AM at St. Mary's R.C. Church, Main St. and Carroll Ave., Williamstown. Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated 11:30 AM. Interment Gloucester County Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Williamstown.

Above is from my uncle's Obituary. His battle with cancer ended, it spread throughout his body and it ended up taking his life. Uncle Chuck, I know you are in a better place now, and I am glad you don't have to suffer anymore. I feel horrible for my Aunt Jean who has lost her partner, and my cousins who have lost their loving father. I pray that God will give them the strength they need to get through this tough time.

He was a honorable man who fought for our country. He was a loving uncle and friend. He made us laugh and he entertained us with his stories. He was known as Uncle Chuck and he will be greatly missed!

Giving Thanks, Hallelujah

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States. "Thanksgiving Day, is a harvest festival. Traditionally, it is a time to give thanks for the harvest and express gratitude in general. It is primarily a North American holiday which has generally become a national secular holiday with religious origins.

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States." Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day to give thanks and to be grateful. I find it kind of funny to have a day to be thankful, because I am grateful and happy for everyday the Lord blesses me with. Don't get me wrong, I think it an awesome holiday because it brings families together but shouldn't we be pleased for everyday we receive? Especially me, I mean the LORD, could have taken my life when I was two years old, but my purpose was not fulfilled, that is why I am still here!:) Hallelujah!

Hallelujah, Halleluyah, or Alleluia: A shout or song of praise to God. "Hallel" means "praise." "Jah" is an abbreviation of "YWVH" or Yahweh. Hallelujah

I am thankful for so much. I don't think I could fit it all on here. If I did, most of you would probably get tired of reading it all. I believe that instead of just being thankful we should also give honor and praise to God because without him none of this is possible. Praise the LORD, for all that he created!

"Praise ye the LORD. Praise ye the LORD from the heavens: praise him in the heights.

Praise ye him, all his angels: praise ye him, all his hosts.

Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him, all ye stars of light.

Praise him, ye heavens of heavens, and ye waters that be above the heavens.

Let them praise the name of the LORD: for he commanded, and they were created.

He hath also established them for ever and ever: he hath made a decree which shall

not pass.Praise the LORD from the earth, ye dragons, and all deeps:

Fire, and hail; snow, and vapours; stormy wind fulfilling his word:

Mountains, and all hills; fruitful trees, and all cedars:

Beasts, and all cattle; creeping things, and flying fowl:

Kings of the earth, and all people; princes, and all judges of the earth:

Both young men, and maidens; old men, and children:

Let them praise the name of the LORD: for his name alone is excellent; his glory is
above the earth and heaven.

He also exalteth the horn of his people, the praise of all his saints; even of the children of Israel, a people near unto him. Praise ye the LORD

[Psalm 148 KJV]

This beautiful Psalm shows us that we should appreciate our LORD, the creator of all things and give praise to him. Everything gives praise to Jehovah, everything from the heavens, angels, the universe, the planets, the stars, the earth, the fish, different sea creatures, fire, hail, snow, and vapors, the stormy winds, mountains, hills, fruitful trees, and plants. Praise Yahweh for, animals, insects, birds, all people; young, old, from kings to servants, and of course the children of Israel. Praise the LORD!

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful and appreciative for our Creator and we should be giving him praise everyday, not just on this holiday. So give thanks for all things, enjoy yourselves, the company of your families, and your turkey dinner but try to be obliged for everyday that we receive in God's beautiful creation! I do wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving! So be Safe and have fun!

Take Care and God bless!

Free Answers From Doctors and Expert Patients Who Truly Care

Wellsphere’s Health Mavens provide free answers to millions of health seekers

"In these difficult economic times, it’s comforting to know there are medical and patient experts out there who care enough to answer health questions online for free. Dr. Geoff Rutledge, MD PhD, Wellsphere’s Chief Medical Information Officer, told reporters today about the new Health Maven Program, which connects volunteer doctors, psychologists, nurses, personal trainers, expert-patients and other experts with health seekers who are looking for answers. Anyone with access to the Internet can get their health questions and concerns answered quickly and at no cost at Health Mavens

Health mavens are carefully selected, knowledgeable, health experts who are committed to helping others live healthier, happier lives. Hundreds of Health Mavens have volunteered to join the program and answer questions, with new Mavens signing up every day. “We’re witnessing an incredible growth in the number of people using the Internet to find health information” said Wellsphere’s CEO Ron Gutman. According to an iCrossing research repot, for the first time in history people with health questions are more likely to turn to the Web for answers than to their doctor. “Recognizing this trend among our users, we assembled the world’s leading network of over 1,800 medical and patient experts to share their experiences and expertise with Wellsphere.com’s almost 3 million monthly visitors. We are humbled by the experience, expertise and genuine care these wonderful individuals share every day with people who come to Wellsphere looking for answers” said Gutman.

In addition to providing a wonderful service to people seeking answers to their health questions, the Health Maven program allows participating medical professionals and patient experts to broaden their impact by sharing their experiences and expertise with a much wider audience, and to get the recognition they deserve. Here are a few of their comments:

"Being a Health Maven gives me the opportunity to interact directly with the Wellsphere community. It's been a lot of fun and professionally it's incredibly rewarding." - Melissa McCreery, PhD

"Wellsphere has taken caring to a new level and I'm glad to be a part of it," - Kathleen Blanchard, RN

"I enjoy being a maven - it seems that doling out advice and answering questions seems to be my calling in life." - Lynn Dorman, PhD

To find out more about the Health Maven program, please visit Health Mavens"

Above is a Draft of the Press Release that is going to be given by Dr. Geoff Rutledge, MD PhD, Wellsphere’s Chief Medical Information Officer.

I think it is awesome that Wellsphere has become so popular! Especially where people with health problems can go to get answers to their problems for free. All the people on Wellsphere are very friendly and willing to share their advice. It truly is a great community and I am honored to be part of it.

My quote wasn't on there but here it is below,

"I am so glad that Dr. Geoff Rutledge found my blog and invited me to the Wellsphere community, so that I can share my miraculous story and my extended health knowledge with others." -Thomas Slater, Health Maven

If there are any health questions you would like answered, come to Wellsphere and ask a Health Maven today!

Take Care and God Bless!

Food for the Soul

Beta Carotene, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine, Cobalamin, Niacinamide, Pantothenic Acid, Biotin, Folic Acid, Inositol, Choline, Para Amino Benzoic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Bioflavonoids-Hesperidin-Rutin, Quercetin. You may not know what they are, what they do, or you may not know how to pronounce them. But your body knows what they are for and uses them from the food you eat. They are all different vitamins that keep you healthy!

The same thing with your soul. You have to keep your soul healthy just like your body. One way to do that is by increasing your faith. How do I do that Thomas? Well. by reading the B.I.B.L.E. you will get to better know God. As you build your relationship with the Lord, your faith will increase. Another thing that will help you is getting rid of the garbage or trash you don't need. You know the saying, "garbage in, garbage out." Whether it is information, food, drinks, books, magazines, entertainment, whatever it is, try to keep the nonsense out.

You may not understand all the verses, you may not even like some of them, but the fact is there is so much truth, wisdom, and advice hidden in it that it is absolutely worth reading with an open heart. No wonder the the Holy Bible is the best selling book of all time (according to IPL) "No one really knows how many copies of the Bible have been printed, sold, or distributed. The Bible Society's attempt to calculate the number printed between 1816 and 1975 produced the figure of 2,458,000,000. A more recent survey, for the years up to 1992, put it closer to 6,000,000,000 in more than 2,000 languages and dialects. Whatever the precise figure, the Bible is by far the bestselling book of all time." Best selling books

Picture from Christart.com

So grab your Bible today and start reading it! Here are some ways to get a Bible, if you do not have one. You can buy one or you can get a free Bible at any local church. They would be happy to give you one. Another way to get a Bible is downloading free software like E Sword,Bible Pro, and The Sword Project. You can also use online Bibles like Bible Gate Way, Crosswalk, and Search God's Word. You can also request a Bible from Free Bibles.net if you live in the USA, and its limited to one person and one per address. If you live in Africa or the Philippines you can get the New Testament from GetYourFreeBible.com limited one Bible per person.

God Bless and take care!

Importance of the Food Pyramid

Everyone knows that we have complex bodies. We are made up of muscles, tissues, bones, ligaments and organs. All these things are made up of cells, which are basically the building blocks of our bodies. A regular human adult is estimated to be consist of up of 100 trillion cells. There is really no way of actually knowing how many cells make up our bodies but this seems to be a rather close estimate.

So what is your point, Thomas? Well my point is that all these cells need energy and the way we replenish this energy, is by eating and drinking of course! This is why they have always shoved the food pyramid down your throats in school. This was actually a good thing! The teachers always pushed eating fruits and vegetables and plenty of water. The carbohydrates was always at the base (most) of the pyramid and the sweets,oils,fat were at the top(least). If you follow the food pyramid and get plenty of exercise it will help you live a healthy life.

I try my best to follow this pyramid, but since my health problems play a major role, my diet is a little different. What I mean is being on dialysis, my diet consists of more kinds of protein because this is what the dialysis actually pulls out when helping clean my body of the toxins and waste in my blood. So the more protein for me the better. This is why when I started dialysis they had a dietitian come and help me with my diet. "A dietitian is a food and nutrition expert. When you start dialysis, you need to start watching the foods that you eat because certain foods can harm you. Your dietitian will meet with you to discuss and recommend many food choices that go along with your prescribed diet. They will also review your lab work with you and help you adjust your diet to improve your lab results." Nephrology FAQ

Speaking of lab results, there is a balanced chemistry that makes up our bodies. This is why we should be eating certain fruits, vegetables, poultry, meats, and dairy products to get the proper vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that we need to keep this chemistry in balance. Sometimes after awhile if your lab results are not what they are supposed to be, say one of your electrolyte numbers are off. Like recently my potassium numbers were a little low, so I now take a potassium supplement to help bring it up. I use to take a pill but these bothered my stomach so I use a salt supplement instead, I add it to meals just like you would do with table salt. There maybe different side affects from these supplements, and the results may vary because everyone is different.

Another problem I have is I am not a big eater, especially after finding cancer in my stomach last year. It was taken out, but my stomach still gives me problems and in short, it makes it hard to eat sometimes. I am pretty thin, so I basically eat anything I want. I am not a big fan of eating, maybe if I was, I would be alot heavier.

"Electrolytes are minerals in your blood and other body fluids that carry an electric charge.

It is important to keep a balance of electrolytes in your body, because they affect the amount of water in your body, blood acidity (pH), muscle action, and other important processes. You lose electrolytes when you sweat, and you must replace them by drinking fluids.

Electrolytes exist in the blood as acids, bases, and salts (such as sodium, calcium, potassium, chlorine, magnesium, and bicarbonate). They can be measured by laboratory studies of the blood."Medical Encyclopedia

"As for your body, the major electrolytes are as follows:

* sodium (Na+)
* potassium (K+)
* chloride (Cl-)
* calcium (Ca2+)
* magnesium (Mg2+)
* bicarbonate (HCO3-)
* phosphate (PO42-)
* sulfate (SO42-)

Electrolytes are important because they are what your cells (especially nerve, heart, muscle) use to maintain voltages across their cell membranes and to carry electrical impulses (nerve impulses, muscle contractions) across themselves and to other cells. Your kidneys work to keep the electrolyte concentrations in your blood constant despite changes in your body. For example, when you exercise heavily, you lose electrolytes in your sweat, particularly sodium and potassium. These electrolytes must be replaced to keep the electrolyte concentrations of your body fluids constant. So, many sports drinks have sodium chloride or potassium chloride added to them. They also have sugar and flavorings to provide your body with extra energy and to make the drink taste better." "How Stuff Works

"If you don't eat yer meat, you can't have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat?" Pink Floyd "The Wall"

So thank your parents and teachers who have forced the food pyramid on you so many years ago. The Food Pyramid is a plan to keep you on a healthy diet and it balances all the different food groups. If you follow this plan and get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day you are taking a major step towards keeping healthy.

The Window

Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital room. One man was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour a day to drain the fluids from his lungs. His bed was next to the room's only window. The other man had to spend all his time flat on his back.

The men talked for hours on end. They spoke all about their lives, about their wives and families, their homes, their jobs, their involvement in the military service, even where they had been on vacation. And every afternoon when the man in the bed next to the window could sit up, he would pass the time by describing to his roommate all the things he could see outside the window.

The man in the other bed would live for those one-hour periods where his world would be broadened and enlivened by all the activity and color of the outside world. The window overlooked a park with a lovely lake, the man had said. Ducks and swans joyfully swam on the water, while children brought their fishing rods looking for a big catch. Lovers walked arm in arm among flowers of every color of the rainbow. Grand old trees graced the landscape, and a fine view of the city skyline could be seen in the distance. As the man by the window described all this in exquisite detail, the man on the other side of the room would close his eyes and imagine the picturesque scene.

One warm afternoon the man by the window described a parade passing by. Although the other man could not hear the band, he could see it in his mind's eye as the gentleman by the window portrayed it with descriptive words. Unexpectedly, a strange thought entered his head: Why should he have all the pleasure of seeing everything while I never get to see anything? It didn't seem fair. As the thought fermented, the man felt ashamed at first. But as the days passed and he missed seeing more sights, his envy eroded into resentment and soon turned him sour. He began to brood and found himself unable to sleep. He should be by that window - and that thought now controlled his life.

Late one night, as he lay staring at the ceiling, the man by the window began to cough. He was choking on the fluid in his lungs. The other man watched in the dimly lit room as the struggling man by the window groped for the button to call for help. Listening from across the room, he never moved, never pushed his own button which would have brought the nurse running. In less than five minutes, the coughing and choking stopped, along with the sound of breathing. Now, there was only silence--deathly silence.

The following morning, the day nurse arrived to bring water for their baths. When she found the lifeless body of the man by the window, she was saddened and called the hospital attendant to help and take it away--no words, no fuss. As soon as it seemed appropriate, the man asked if he could be moved next to the window. The nurse was happy to make the switch and after making sure he was comfortable, she left him alone.

Slowly, painfully, he propped himself up on one elbow to take his first look. Finally, he would have the joy of seeing it all himself. He strained to slowly turn to look out the window beside the bed. There staring back at him was a cold blank wall.

Moral of the story:

The pursuit of happiness is a matter of choice...it is a positive attitude we consciously choose to express. It is not a gift that gets delivered to our doorstep each morning, nor does it come through the window. And I am certain that our circumstances are just a small part of what makes us joyful. If we wait for them to get just right, we will never find lasting joy.

The pursuit of happiness is an inward journey. Our minds are like programs, awaiting the code that will determine behaviors; like bank vaults awaiting our deposits. If we regularly deposit positive, encouraging, and uplifting thoughts, if we continue to bite our lips just before we begin to grumble and complain, if we shoot down that seemingly harmless negative thought as it germinates, we will find that there is so much to rejoice about.

I found this short story at "Inspiring Stories". I thought it was quite powerful and I wanted to share it with you all. It is called "The Window", the author is unknown. I thought it was kind of strange for the man to let his room mate suffer and not try to get help by pushing the help button that most hospital rooms have. I guess his mind was truley twisted with envy over the window that wasn't really there. This short story just goes to show that it could always be worse, so try to be thankful for what you do have.

History/Back of a US Dollar

Got an email from my sister-in-law Olivia about the history that is on the back of a one dollar bill. I have to admit, I didn't know why all the these things were there and what they meant. I thought it was interesting and would like to share it with you all.

When you turn the bill over, you will first notice is that the Supreme Court has not forced the removal of "IN GOD WE TRUST" from this currency yet...thank God!

On the rear of the One Dollar bill, you will see two circles. Together, they comprise the Great Seal of the United States. The First Continental Congress requested that Benjamin Franklin and a group of men (including Thomas Jefferson and John Adams) come up with a Seal. It took four years and two more committees to accomplish this task and yet another two years to get it approved. It wasn't until June 13, 1782 that Charles Thompson, Secretary of Congress, made the final submission. He incorporated elements from all three committees.

A revolutionary American creation, the Great Seal is a unique combination of natural elements (eagle, olive branch, stars, cloud, light rays, eye) and universal symbols (pyramid, arrows, shield).

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is the one who decided to put both sides of the Great Seal on the back of the one-dollar bill.

If you look at the left-hand circle, you will see a Pyramid. The Reverse of the Seal. This pyramid was not a part of the proposals for the Great Seal until the third committee, and it was NOT suggested by Jefferson, Franklin, or Adams. Charles Thompson said the pyramid represented "Strength and Duration." Furthermore, Francis Hopkinson, a literary man of letters, is credited with being the first to use the pyramid on American money.

Notice the face is lighted, and the western side is dark.

Although there is no "official" explanation for the shading, some have chosen to interpret this as a reflection that our country was just beginning. We had not even begun to explore the West. Indeed, only a scant few years before this, Virginia's official state boundaries had extended from the Atlantic ocean all the way to the Pacific ocean. Nor had America decided what we could do for Western Civilization.

The Pyramid is un-capped, again signifying that we were not even close to being finished.

Inside the capstone you have the all-seeing eye, said to be an ancient symbol for divinity. It was Franklin's belief that one man couldn't do it alone, but a group of men, with the help of God, could do anything. His committee wanted the seal to include some symbol of divine providence and discussed a variety of themes -- including the Children of Israel in the Wilderness. Franklin also wanted the wild turkey (unique to America) to be the overall symbol of the United States, not the eagle.

The Latin above the pyramid, ANNUIT COEPTIS, means, "God has favored our undertaking."

The Latin below the pyramid, NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, means, "a new order for the ages." Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted to change the meaning slightly to "a new order has begun," wanting to connect that with a "New Deal".

At the base of the pyramid is the Roman Numerals symbol for 1776.

Charles Thomson, the Secretary of the Continental Congress wanted a symbol that soared. The American Bald Eagle was selected as a symbol with the power to bridge heaven and earth in victory: The eagle is not afraid of a storm; he is strong, and he is smart enough to soar above it.

If you look at the right-hand circle, and check it carefully, you will notice that it is reproduced on every National Cemetery in the United States. It is also on the Parade of Flags Walkway at the Bushnell, Florida National Cemetery, and it is the centerpiece of most monuments for heroes. Only slightly modified, it is recognizable as the seal of the President of the United States, and it is always visible whenever s/he speaks.

Also, notice the shield is unsupported. This country can now stand on its own. At the top of that shield you have a white bar signifying Congress, a unifying factor. We were coming together as one nation. In the Eagle's beak is a ribbon on which you will read the words: "E PLURIBUS UNUM", meaning, "Out of many, one".

Above the Eagle, you have thirteen stars, notice the arrangement of the 13 stars. They are arranged as a Star of David, representing the thirteen original colonies, and any clouds of misunderstanding rolling away.

This was ordered by George Washington who, when he asked Hayim Solomon, a wealthy Philadelphia Jew, what he would like as a personal reward for his services to the Continental Army, Solomon said he wanted nothing for himself but that he would like something for his people. The Star of David was the result. Few people know that it was Solomon who saved the Army through his financial contributions but died a pauper.

Again, we were coming together as one. These symbols are taken from the American flag and officially, the red represents hardiness and valor, the white represents purity and innocence, and the blue, vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

Notice what the Eagle holds in his talons. He holds an olive branch and arrows. This country wants peace, but we will never be afraid to fight to preserve peace. The Eagle always wants to face the olive branch, but in time of war, his gaze turns toward the arrows.

Have you ever heard that the number 13 is an unlucky number?
This is almost a worldwide belief. It is so strong you will usually
never see a room numbered 13, or any hotels or motels with a 13th floor.

But think about the thirteens we have associated with our country:

1. 13 original colonies,
2. 13 signers of the Declaration of Independence,
3. 13 stripes on our flag,
4. The final version of the Great Seal was submitted on the 13th of June
5. There are 13 steps on the Pyramid,
6. 13 letters in "Annuit Coeptis",
7. 13 letters in "E Pluribus Unum",
8. 13 stars above the Eagle,
9. 13 bars on that shield,
10. 13 leaves on the olive branch,
11. 13 fruits,
12. 13 arrows
13. 13th amendment (abolition of slavery)

Mostly taken from the email and this article here Back of the US Dollar

Next time you see the back of a dollar bill, make sure that you also remember all those that have fought so hard to keep us free. Too many veterans have given up so much to ever let the meaning fade. Many veterans remember coming home to an America that didn't care. Too many veterans never came home at all. Thanks to all those that are serving and who have served to help keep us our freedoms and liberty. I hope you enjoyed this little piece of history!

Veteran's Day

Yesterday was Veteran's Day, a day to honor our veterans who have served in the military and have fought in wars to protect this great nation. I just want to thank, all of those who have served and who are serving to help protect us from our enemies. Thank you for sacrificing your time, freedoms, and well being, so that we may be able to enjoy the freedoms that we enjoy everyday!

I thank the Lord everyday for being an American because of the freedoms that I enjoy. The one freedom I hold dearly, is the freedom to worship my God, without being persecuted or killed. What a blessing! I know that Christians all around the world are being murdered for their beliefs and I pray that they will have the strength and faith to stay strong through what ever trials they be going through.

The United States of America would have never of lasted 232 years without our military protecting us from those who disagree with these basic freedoms. Thank you veterans, for everything you guys have done to help keep us safe and free.

I was going to end this with "God bless America" but why should he? It seems we are turning away from God. People of this nation seem to think they no longer need God, or want anything to do with him. This is a big mistake for our nation. We should be thankful for all the things our Heavenly Father has blessed us with. Everything from food, shelter, clothes, and the list goes on. We are so blessed and still people seem to be so unhappy. Maybe if they would build a loving relationship with God, they would finally find the happiness they are looking for.

Here is a quote from Thomas Jefferson, "And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with his wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever." He was speaking about his country and the injustice of slavery but I believe this same quote goes along with how our country is turning away from God. How long will God be patient with us?

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."
[2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV]

History in the making or was it?

I was just going to write a post about how Barack Obama is going to be the first black president of the United States. You can't escape it! When I looked some info on Barack Obama being the first African American president I came across this article here: Obama Wouldn't Be First Black President

This article explains that there were five presidents before Mr. Obama that came from an African descent. "Research shows at least five U.S. presidents had black ancestors and Thomas Jefferson, the nation's third president, was considered the first black president, according to historian Leroy Vaughn, author of "Black People and Their Place in World History."

Vaughn's research shows Jefferson was not the only former black U.S. president. Who were the others? Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge. But why was this unknown? How were they elected president? All five of these presidents never acknowledged their black ancestry."

If this is true, than sorry Mr. Obama, you are not the first African American President!

Here is something that bothered me by this election, the media kept playing the "race thing". Very annoying to watch! I mean this is the United States of America, right? "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." [Declaration of Independence]

The definition of race in biology is, "a race is any inbreeding group, including taxonomic subgroups such as subspecies,taxonomically subordinate to a species and superordinate to a subrace and marked by a pre-determined profile of latent factors of hereditary traits."
[wikipedia.org Race(biology)]

No wonder people are racist against each other, this is telling us that there are sub groups and subspecies in races! Here's a question, which race is the superior race?

I never understood "racism". I hate you because you look different than me! I hate you because you talk different, walk different, think different, on and on!

Isn't obvious? God likes diversity!

Sistine Chapel

"Everybody’s DNA is unique unless they are identical twins, As well as showing how different we all are, DNA shows how much we are all the same. Only one small part of one chromosome distinguishes a boy from a girl. Genes give us different colored eyes, hair and skin, but 99.5% of any human's DNA is in the same order as everybody else’s.

Human DNA is made up of the same components as the DNA of other organisms, with most species even sharing the same genes which code for the same proteins. This is why even fruit flies and mice can be used as model organisms in order to help better understand human genetic diseases." DNA

"Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator. Here there is no Greek or Jew, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free, but Christ is all, and is in all." [Colossians 3:9-11 NIV]

It doesn't matter what color, sex, nationality, you may be. We are all God's children and he loves us all, even if we are, dirty rotten sinners! This is why, it is never too late to ask for forgiveness with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength and accept God's son Jesus, as our savior!

I think we should make a new definition of "Race"-there is only one species of humans; also known as the human race, there are no subgroups or subspecies, the human race are all created equal.

Real Men Cry

I know that most people think crying is a sign of weakness and also know that you are to never shed tears in public! But here is the truth, it is a scientific fact that if you have a strong urge to bawl your eyes out, there is probably a good reason why. You probably have so much emotion building up in your body that your eyes start to water, whether it's pure joy or sadness. This is your body's natural way to relieve stress. A good cry, like a tough workout can be an amazing release. Crying can help free those powerful emotions deep down within our soul. "Humans have the ability to cry in order to remove in their tears chemicals that build up during stress, so they are literally crying it out." says Dr. William H. Frey, M.D., a professor of pharmaceutics and neuroscience at the University of Minnesota. He also wrote a book on the subject called "Crying: The Mystery of Tears". His research shows that your emotional tears actually have different chemical composition from the tears that come from, say cutting an onion. "You exhale to remove carbon dioxide. You urinate to get rid of urea. I believe that you cry to get rid of stress." [William H. Frey]

Women can shed tears more freely than men because it is more acceptable. It is a rare thing to see men crying. Most men don't even consider crying as an alternative, but we should put down that shield and use this natural stress reliever.

Even Jesus Christ knew the benefits of crying. When he found out about his friend Lazarus who had died, he went to go visit him and his sisters. When Jesus came to Lazarus's tomb he wept with Mary and those around him.

"When Mary reached the place where Jesus was and saw him, she fell at his feet and said, "Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died." When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who had come along with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled."Where have you laid him?" he asked."Come and see, Lord," they replied. Jesus wept." [John 11:32-35 NIV]

I believe that Jesus was so overwhelmed with emotion that he wept, but he also did it to help comfort Mary. If you noticed that he encountered Lazarus's other sister Martha before he met up with Mary. He didn't cry with her, because she was a different person. Different people are comforted in different ways. People like Martha just need to hear encouraging words.

"Jesus said to her, "Your brother will rise again." Martha answered, "I know he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day." Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?" "Yes, Lord," she told him, "I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, who was to come into the world."" [John 11:23-27 NIV]

People like Mary just need somebody to mourn with. That is how great Jesus the Christ is, he comforted Martha and Mary, both in their own ways!

I remember when I was just diagnosed with diabetes, I was hanging out with a friend, and I felt pretty overwhelmed. I started to cry. Right in front of my friend I was bawling my eyes out. The worst part was he just ignored me! I felt so vulnerable and weak. All he had to do was say something but he didn't. After a short while I stopped crying, I felt better even through that embarrassing moment, and I wiped the tears from my face. We never spoke about that moment again and soon after that we just went our separate ways. It's kind of weird that this was my best friend, and that seemed to be the end our friendship. Not that I hold anything against him, but all he had to do was say something. I wouldn't know what to say if it was him, that was crying. But I know I would of said something followed by a pat on the back or even a hug!

Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape

Hello all! Here's another song I wanted to share with you, I find it to be very powerful! It's my favorite song from the band Underoath, a Christian metalcore/post-hardcore band. Like I said before I like all kinds of music! The lyrics are in the movie, so if you would like to sing along, you can. Please enjoy!

Life of Thomas has been tagged!

The rules are that when you are tagged you have to share 7 things about yourself, and then tag 7 other people.

The 7 things that I would like to share are as follows:

1. I was born in 1983.

2. I am a cancer survivor for over 23 years. A miraculous story, Praise the Lord!

3. I am 4'11"! (vertically challenged) *laughs* [from kidney failure]

4. Favorite Bible Promise is Isaiah 40:28-31

Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. [Isaiah 40:28-31 NIV]

5. Favorite two Bible verses is Exodus 15:2 and Matthew 13:43-44.

The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation... [Exodus 15:2 NIV]

Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. The one who Has Ears Had Better Listen! [Matthew 13:43 NIV]

6. I practice Kung Fu. Tai Chi and Chi Gung for health reasons, discipline, and exercise.

7. I got a good sense of humor, I think this is what has helped me get through so much in my life. Just laughing it off! Remember, laughter is one of the best medicines.

These are the people that I am going to tag, they are as follows:

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2008 World Series Champs

The Philadelphia Phillies are the 2008 World Series Champs! They have won the series versus the Tampa Bay Rays 4-1. The Phillies took game one winning it 3-2. Than Game two the Rays took it 4-2 to tie the series at 1-1. Than in Game three the Phillies win a close one 5-4. Game four the Phillies explode past the Rays 10-2. Than in game five, the game was suspended after the top of the sixth inning because of rain and wet grounds! In the completion of the first suspended game in postseason history the Phillies won, which was another close game 4-3!

Pic from New York Times

The Philadelphia Phillies have won the World Series! The great thing is they didn't change a thing. Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel stuck to his game plan and they won because of it. For example alot of people were worried about Jamie Moyer pitching in game three. He may be one of the oldest players to start a game in the World Series. I wasn't worried, this guy may be old but everyone knows that with age comes wisdom. Jamie Moyer is a smart player, he may not throw it hard but he puts the ball over the corners of the plate. I thought he played an awesome game and he got hosed on that close play at first base, where he was taken out of the game shortly after. Overall he played a great game! My point is they are all teammates and it took them all to win the World Series! There is no "I" in "TEAM" and it was all a team effort!

Congratulations Philadelphia the city of Brotherly Love!

I never got to experience anything like this before, thanks Phillies! The last major championship ever won here was in 1983 when the 76'ers won, this was the year I was born. The Philadelphia Soul did win their first championship earlier this year, but that's arena football, they didn't get much recognition. I never got to see Philadelphia win a championship. I will see you guys at the parade down Broad Street! Let's celebrate! Yippy Kai Yay! Yee Haa! Woohoo!

I know that most people don't want to hear or read this but I am going to write it anyway. I am talking about the millions of people that are predicted to see this parade in Philadelphia. Why can't this many people get this excited over something a little more important? Something like feeding the poor, fighting cancer, illiteracy, the list could go on and on. Just imagine what we could do with this kind of passion and love? Only if we could direct it towards helping others, instead of partying. If only we could help share the love that God has given us, by allowing his son to be sacrificed, so that we may be redeemed by his death! Now that is something to get excited about and to celebrate!

Thanks for stopping by! God bless, and be safe!

The Choice of Two Envelopes

Since I can remember, I always had a pretty positive mental attitude which I believe has helped me get through many of the health ailments I have lived through and are living with today. A healthy PMA can help you live a happy life no matter what you may be dealing with. This is taken from a book I am currently reading called, "Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement" by Napoleon Hill. I liked this one chapter so much that I wanted to share some of it with you all today!

"At birth you arrive figuratively clutching two sealed envelopes. One is labeled "Rewards" and the other "Penalties".The first envelope contains a list of all the benefits you will enjoy from taking possession of your own mind and using it to get what you want. The second carries a list of the consequences that will befall you if you neglect controlling your mind and directing it toward a worthwhile goal.

If you do not use a muscle, it will wither and become useless. If you do not use the powers of your mind, they will do the same thing. Your brain and your life will become subject to every passing influence, unable to resist them or to act positively-unless you fix your mind on the object of your desire and create and act upon a plan for attaining it.

You've probably heard something like the old saying, "Success attracts success while failure attracts more failure." Nothing could be more true. Striving for success makes you better able to attain it. Doing nothing and accepting failure only brings more failure your way.

If you put your mind to work with a positive mental attitude and believe that success is your right, your belief will guide you unerringly toward whatever your definition of success might be. If you adopt a negative mental attitude and fill your mind with thoughts of fear and frustration, your mind will only draw those same things to you. That is the power of mental attitude. Why not make yours positive?"

Rewards of Positive Mental Attitude

If you take possession of your mind and direct it toward desirable goals, you will enjoy:

1. Success consciousness, which attracts other means for success
2. Sound health, both physical and mental
3. Financial independence
4. A labor of love in which to expose yourself
5. Peace of mind
6. Applied faith, which makes fear impossible
7. Enduring friendships
8. Longevity and a well-balanced life
9. Immunity from self-limitation
10. The wisdom to understand yourself and others

Penalties of a Negative Mental Attitude

If you neglect taking possession of your mind and directing it toward a worthwhile goal, you are doomed to:

1. Poverty and misery your entire life
2. Mental and physical ailments of all kinds
3. Self-limitations which trap
4. Fear and all its destructive consequences
5. Hatred of the means by which you support yourself
6. Many enemies and few friends
7. Every brand of worry known to humanity
8. Being a victim of every negative influence you encounter
9. Subjection to the will of others
10. A wasted life which does nothing to better the human condition

[Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement; Chapter 7 pg. 86-88 :Napoleon Hill]

The choice is yours! What will it be? If you do not make the first one and gladly accept it without hesitation, the second will be bound to you. There is no middle point, no bargains or special deals. So the choice is yours! Which will it be?

Wellsphere/ Yes We Care!

"I was searching online for the best health bloggers when I discovered your blog at http://www.thomas-slater.net/. I want to tell you I think your writing is great. My name is Dr. Geoff Rutledge, and I've taught and practiced Internal and Emergency Medicine for over 25 years at Harvard and Stanford medical schools. I'm also the Chief Medical Information Officer at Wellsphere (www.wellsphere.com), where we are building a network of the web’s leading health bloggers -- and I think you would be a great addition."

"Wellsphere is a fast growing, next-generation online platform that is revolutionizing the way people find and share health and healthy living information and services. Our platform connects millions of users each month with the valuable insights and knowledge from health leaders and knowledgeable writers like you."

A couple of weeks ago I got this email from Dr. Geoff Rutledge, from Wellsphere. I was very surprised I didn't think I was that good of a writer, maybe I'm being a little hard on myself, but I just didn't think it deserved to be called "great" in any sense. Anyway I thought, if I could help educate people with my knowledge, motivate people with my story, and inspire them with the passion the Lord has for us all, than I was all for it!

Than on the 16th of October I got an email from Dr. Geoff, telling me, "We are excited to recognize you in our new YES, WE CARE! Campaign that honors everyday heroes, like you, who put themselves on the front lines in the quest for a healthier, happier world by spending their time and putting their hearts and souls into helping others in need. We’re particularly excited to have this chance to honor you, for dedicating your time and writing to help people improve their health and well-being. We've nominated YOU as one of our Everyday Heroes!." They wanted these "heroes" to make a short video clip, telling why they have decided to do what they do.

I don't have a web cam, so I wanted to go to my friend Larry's house and record it but, I ran into some difficulties. *Laughs* The night before I was going to record this short video, I had a freak accident, it seemed my Peritoneal catheter had a hole in it! My bed and pants were soaked in the middle of the night! It was pretty scary I wasn't sure what to think, at first being half asleep and having sugar water dripping down my leg! So I turned off my machine, clamped my catheter, taped a Povidone-Iodine, prep pad and a gauze pad around where the hole was. I did this to try and sterilize my catheter the best I could. Than I put a plastic bag around it all to make sure no more dialysis solution leaked out. Later that morning I would be heading to Philadelphia, to my Davita Dialysis Center. I would be spending most of my day there.

Thank God! My nurse, Seaul, she fixed the problem! She added a new attachment which makes my catheter longer but it is actually better. It took some getting use to, but it is much better. I don't have to clamp the line any more because of the new locking mechanism which will allow my catheter to last longer. Than an antibiotic solution was added to my dialysis solution to make sure no infection got into my peritoneum over night. Thanks Seaul you're the best!

The next day, I went to church and when I got back home I got a call from my friend Larry saying he was busy with company, and didn't know when I would be able to come over to make the video. He never called back so, I missed my chance to get my video in but I did receive this cool reward, the glory goes to God as always!

Yes, we care!


Here is the video from Wellsphere! It is very cool it's a 10 minute video with people from all over trying to help heal the world! Awesome video guys! My friend Lori Laws is in this video, she is shown around 4 minutes into the video! Enjoy!

P.S. I Love You

My Child,

You may not know me,
but I know everything about you.
Psalm 139:1

I know when you sit down and when you rise up.
Psalm 139:2

I am familiar with all your ways.
Psalm 139:3

Even the very hairs on your head are numbered.
Matthew 10:29-31

For you were made in my image.
Genesis 1:27

In me you live and move and have your being.
Acts 17:28

For you are my offspring.
Acts 17:28

I knew you even before you were conceived.
Jeremiah 1:4-5

I chose you when I planned creation.
Ephesians 1:11-12

You were not a mistake,
for all your days are written in my book.
Psalm 139:15-16

I determined the exact time of your birth
and where you would live.
Acts 17:26

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
Psalm 139:14

I knit you together in your mother's womb.
Psalm 139:13

And brought you forth on the day you were born.
Psalm 71:6

I have been misrepresented
by those who don't know me.
John 8:41-44

I am not distant and angry,
but am the complete expression of love.
1 John 4:16

And it is my desire to lavish my love on you.
1 John 3:1

Simply because you are my child
and I am your Father.
1 John 3:1

I offer you more than your earthly father ever could.
Matthew 7:11

For I am the perfect father.
Matthew 5:48

Every good gift that you receive comes from my hand.
James 1:17

For I am your provider and I meet all your needs.
Matthew 6:31-33

My plan for your future has always been filled with hope.
Jeremiah 29:11

Because I love you with an everlasting love.
Jeremiah 31:3

My thoughts toward you are countless
as the sand on the seashore.
Psalms 139:17-18

And I rejoice over you with singing.
Zephaniah 3:17

I will never stop doing good to you.
Jeremiah 32:40

For you are my treasured possession.
Exodus 19:5

I desire to establish you
with all my heart and all my soul.
Jeremiah 32:41

And I want to show you great and marvelous things.
Jeremiah 33:3

If you seek me with all your heart,
you will find me.
Deuteronomy 4:29

Delight in me and I will give you
the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

For it is I who gave you those desires.
Philippians 2:13

I am able to do more for you
than you could possibly imagine.
Ephesians 3:20

For I am your greatest encourager.
2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

I am also the Father who comforts you
in all your troubles.
2 Corinthians 1:3-4

When you are brokenhearted,
I am close to you.
Psalm 34:18

As a shepherd carries a lamb,
I have carried you close to my heart.
Isaiah 40:11

One day I will wipe away
every tear from your eyes.
Revelation 21:3-4

And I'll take away all the pain
you have suffered on this earth.
Revelation 21:3-4

I am your Father, and I love you
even as I love my son, Jesus.
John 17:23

For in Jesus, my love for you is revealed.
John 17:26

He is the exact representation of my being.
Hebrews 1:3

He came to demonstrate that I am for you,
not against you.
Romans 8:31

And to tell you that I am not counting your sins.
2 Corinthians 5:18-19

Jesus died so that you and I could be reconciled.
2 Corinthians 5:18-19

His death was the ultimate expression
of my love for you.
1 John 4:10

I gave up everything I loved
that I might gain your love.
Romans 8:31-32

If you receive the gift of my son Jesus,
you receive me.
1 John 2:23

And nothing will ever separate you
from my love again.
Romans 8:38-39

Come home and I'll throw the biggest party
heaven has ever seen.
Luke 15:7

I have always been Father,
and will always be Father.
Ephesians 3:14-15

My question is…
Will you be my child?
John 1:12-13

I am waiting for you.
Luke 15:11-32

Love, Your Dad

Almighty God

Father's Love Letter Letter is from this awesome website!

I hoped you enjoyed this, I did! :)

Friends are a gift from God

Both these awards were given to me from my good friend Lori Laws. Thanks Lori, for your blog and for being such a nice friend! Here is a link to her blog Persevere. I humbly accept these awards, but God get's all the glory, glory to God in the highest!

"We need Friends for many reasons,
all throughout the seasons.
We need Friends to comfort us when we are sad,
and to have fun with us when we are glad.
We need Friends to give us good advice,
We need someone we can count on,
and treat us nice.
We need Friends to remember us ones we have passed sharing memories
that will always last."

As you pass this award, please don't forget to include the little poem in your post.

But A Breath

Another powerful song...Enjoy!

The Wedding - But A Breath

One shot is all you’ve got
To make your mark, to make your difference
One chance, but you don’t understand this

Life is but a breath
Don’t waste it

Cause your time is limited
All you have is the breath already exiting your lungs
If you won’t live, you might as well die
You can’t afford to lead that life

Hands down, no regrets
Life has its hands around my neck
Fight back, no regrets
Life has it’s hands around our necks

Red October

[Image USA today]

Since I Live in the Philadelphia area, I would like to mention that the Philadelphia Phillies are going to the World Series! Pretty impressive if you ask me! They were first place, this season and last. The roster they have are a talented group of guys! It wouldn't surprise me to see them go all the way. I will be rooting for the home team. Not because I think they are better than the other team but because I believe in what Philadelphia traditionally stood for, "The City of Brotherly Love". [Modern Greek: "brotherly love" from philos, "love", and adelphos "brother"]

This is where America was started! The birthplace of the greatest nation to exist because of what we traditionally believed in, things like freedom, equality, liberty, justice for all, and most important God! We were a beacon of light for the whole world to recognize! It seems like we are going astray, and I hope and pray that people start searching for God and start listening to their hearts!

[Philadelphia Phillies Logo]
Lets Go Philadelphia!

I always liked sports growing up, you get qualities like individual goals, team goals, team work, comradery, friendly competition, challenges, and focus. So all around I believe sports are a good thing for kids to have growing up and to continue doing until they are too old to play. It is good exercise, a good way to vent frustrations, let loose, be yourself, and the best part of all having fun!

God bless and peace be with you all!