Favorite Blog Award and Christian Blog Of The Week Award

This award was given to me by Gillian Mc Donald at UCANHOPE2 she is a Christian teacher who loves to read the word, pray and write articles about christian living, natural health and self improvement. Thank you Gillian for this award, to God be the glory!

Another award from my Christian sister Lori Laws at Persevere Her blog is great! Very inspirational and encouraging, you should stop by there if you need a lift! I humbly, accept your award Lori, but the glory goes to God, Glory to God in the Highest! I am just a humble servant of the Lord who deserves all the glory because without him I am nothing.

I would like to pass the award to other humble servants of God,

Chris from the Bible Post and Brian from The New Covenant.


Bible Devotions said...

Hi Thomas,

It was very kind of you to think of me in this way.

I am pleased to know that you have been blessed by my blog.

Blessings to you...
Chris Esty
The Bible Post

Gi said...

Hi Thomas,
Congratulations on your Award.
Please stop by Ucnhope2, your blog has be chosen for the Blog of the Week Award

ThomasCSlater said...

Hey Gillian, thank you! I'll have to check that out.