Red October

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Since I Live in the Philadelphia area, I would like to mention that the Philadelphia Phillies are going to the World Series! Pretty impressive if you ask me! They were first place, this season and last. The roster they have are a talented group of guys! It wouldn't surprise me to see them go all the way. I will be rooting for the home team. Not because I think they are better than the other team but because I believe in what Philadelphia traditionally stood for, "The City of Brotherly Love". [Modern Greek: "brotherly love" from philos, "love", and adelphos "brother"]

This is where America was started! The birthplace of the greatest nation to exist because of what we traditionally believed in, things like freedom, equality, liberty, justice for all, and most important God! We were a beacon of light for the whole world to recognize! It seems like we are going astray, and I hope and pray that people start searching for God and start listening to their hearts!

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Lets Go Philadelphia!

I always liked sports growing up, you get qualities like individual goals, team goals, team work, comradery, friendly competition, challenges, and focus. So all around I believe sports are a good thing for kids to have growing up and to continue doing until they are too old to play. It is good exercise, a good way to vent frustrations, let loose, be yourself, and the best part of all having fun!

God bless and peace be with you all!

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Go Phillies !!!