Faithful Servant Award Sowing Seeds of Love

Wow, another award! Lori from Persevere awarded me with another award! This award was passed on to Lori by Tracy at Seed Thoughts. Both Lori and Tracy are both passionate Christian women who want to share God's love.

The award, Lori has given me is called the "Faithful Servant Award Sowing Seeds of Love". I just pray that I can stay strong in this broken body and help as many people I possibly can! I want to thank God, because without him I wouldn't be alive to share his love or my story. I also want to thank Lori again! Thanks Lori!

"Jill created the Faithful Servant Award because she was grateful for the many friends she’s met along her blogging journey. In her words: “Many of you have touched my heart and life in ways that have changed me eternally! I thank you for being a faithful servant and being obedient to the upward calling every time you share a piece of His heart living out in you! I pray that you will share this award with others who have touched your heart by sowing seeds of love into your life! They will know we are His by how we love one another! Let us sow seeds of love throughout the blogging world and touch the hearts of those who come to read what we all share! To HIM be all the glory forever and ever! AMEN!"

I would like to share this award with two friends of mine:

One is Chris Esty, he describes himself as, "simply a man who loves Jesus and wants to share Him with as many people as I can, because He is AWESOME!" He describes his blog as, "Bible Lessons and Devotional Thoughts for Christian Translation and growth in Jesus Christ." The Bible Post Thanks Chris for your blog and your friendship!

The other is Reverend Thetford, he describes himself as, "merely what God has created, a person who is here to help with his plan". He describes his blog as "A daily scripture reading, and how it applies to us today. Leaving behind the laws of man, and focusing on the laws of the Lord." The New Covenant Thanks Reverend for your blog and your friendship!


The Bible Post said...

Thank you, Thomas. You truly are an encouragement to me!

Blessings to you,

Rev. Thetford said...

Thank you Thomas, you are a blessing! I really appriciate it!

Rev. Thetford said...

Thank you Thomas, you are a blessing!

In Christ,