To Be Or Not To Be

I have made friends with a woman named Aleja Bennet, who has left a comment on here. "She is a survivor of abuse by the hands of her adopted parents. Writing for her has been to save lives by sharing her childhood story. Writing has changed her life which led to the healing process from all those open bleeding wounds. Then forgiveness took over and now life is so much clearer in the eyes of an overcomer."

She writes beautiful and powerful poetry and books trying to help others learn how to get through different obstacles they may encounter in life. Here is an example of her poetry:


Could it be me? Maybe you Why not we? Master's of this poetry

As far as we both can see

Maybe God will allow it to be.

Suddenly-quite frequently

Life changes for the good Or even the bad

Often it will make us sad

So fortunately-unfortunately It is to be or not to be.

Your quest-our quest Given it little or even your best

Accomplished-groomed-well polished

Often or not even acknowledged

High school maybe not-college

This may even sound foolish.

But however this is me

My inner within-written poetry

So smite thee-if you plea For I am to be or not to be.

Author Aleja Bennett Copyright ©2008

["Author:Aleja Bennett"]

If you are interested in her work please check out her blog. I added a link on my link list.

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