Million Dollar Dreams

I am so excited! This coming Tuesday at 9:00 Eastern the President and CEO of Success University, Matt Morris, will be joining my team's conference! I own one of Matt's CDs called, "7 Secrets to 7 Figures". Talk about exciting! This guy is a true leader, he is Success! Just hearing him speak gives me goose bumps. The reason he is joining my team's conference is because the team I am part of is one of the fastest growing teams in the Success University organization! How awesome is that?

Here is an overview of what Success University is all about. "There are more than 200 courses led by 70 of the top speakers, authors and trainers in the world. Courses cover topics including motivation, health and wellness, financial education, sales and marketing training, investing in real estate, time management, building quality relationships and much more." (Empower: Vol. 1 Issue 4 page 13) This information they are teaching is pretty much priceless and if you follow their advice you will have a better life! This is the main reason why I enrolled in it, to make my life better and to support myself because I can't work a real job!

Some exciting news about Success University:

*85% of all network marketing companies go out of business within the first year.

*95%of all network marketing companies go out of business within their first 2 years.

*Success University has been around for three years! They become the #1 network marketing company in the world in personal development industry!

*Success University is now in 180 different countries around the world, their mission is to make the world a better place to live amd they are well on their way!

If you are interested in joining my team, I would recommend joining the 14 day free trial! It will only cost you 2 dollars which will benefit the "feed the children" foundation and you will receive $1,949 in education with no obligation. This way you can see if you like the business and if you want to become a part of it and alteast this way you can feed some starving kids while you do it! If you truly want to join I would recommend joining before Tuesday, so I can give you the information you need to join our conference. That way you can hear Matt Morris live, this conference will be on fire! You don't want to miss it!

God Bless you guys!

Here is my contact information:

Thomas Slater
1-609-892-3738 (USA)
or thomaslater@gmail
Skype: thomas.slater001

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