I have spent much of my life in the hospitals and waiting rooms. I use to get very frustrated for waiting "half a day", on daily occasions because of all my health problems. But than I started looking at the nurses and doctors point of view and for the most part they truly do care about their patients, if they didn't why would they what to go through what they go through everyday? Dealing with people who are not feeling well, the stress of people getting angry for waiting, or having the disease that they have, why there is no cure, the price of the medications and tests, and so on. They must be full of compassion, if not why would they want to help these people everyday!

Compassion: a deep awareness of and sympathy for another's suffering

As long as I could remember, I always had a positve attitude. Always smiling, talking and joking around, being polite, whenever I was at the hospital. I can't remember ever giving a doctor or nurse a hard time. I always tried to keep everyone happy, but sometimes this can be very tiring, especially when you got a beat up body like mine! *laughs*

One of my favorite signs at Penn Tower, I have seen is,

"Have you hugged your Oncology nurse today?"

It doesn't matter what kind of nurse or doctor you have. What does matter is they are are hurting too, give them a hug, you will both feel better I promise!


Lori said...

That spoke to me. The next time I go for my usual doctors visit...I'm gonna hug someone. Who knows what that might do?

ThomasCSlater said...

I hope it spreads to a bunch of smiles and laughter! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi my friend I must say that right now my body is filled with chills. Thanks for allowing yourself to see the good in what I ma doing. You are truly a person that has the love of God in and through you. You are not selfish but yet giving and courageous. You have a blog that all will see and learn that life is so precious and that we should not waste it on negativity but positivity. Hold to God's unchanging hand my friend.

ThomasCSlater said...

Thanks Aleja, for stopping by, and leaving such kind words! It means alot to me reading how my story is touching people. Take care friend!