2008 Election

Well every where you look there are things advertising this election. From television commercials, magazines, newspapers, and even internet commercials. I would vote Ron Paul but I know he isn't going to win, so if you are wondering as who I am voting for, than look no further than McCain. Here are the reasons why:

If this is not enough than please watch this video:

Please don't allow my vote to alter your vote. I am just practicing my rights as an American citizen. I have just used free speech which is covered by the First Amendment which permits me to say whatever I want. When you vote, please try to use all your logic, reason, knowledge, and values to pick the right canidate for you. Remember that many people have fought and died to give us these freedoms, so please go out and vote! Let your voice be heard!


Sandi said...

Just for the record, McCain has my vote too...for the same basic reasons you listed...

Anonymous said...

Looking from the outside looking in it's MaCain. I thank Father Yahweh for your blog may God heal you. Myself having Charcot Marie-Tooth disease. born with it.and my daughter and my two grandsons.To you and your family, Eph2:1-10.
will call back.