Another cool free program I have been using, that my friend Larry told me about, was Skype. It is another communicating program, where you can chat with your friends or clients. I actually got it so I could communicate with clients easier. I would like it also if anyone who is reading this that needs to talk about anything, don't be afraid to contact me. My name on Skype is: thomas.slater001.

You can communicate using Skype, either by typing or speaking to them. It is truely amazing how good the sound quality is! You can also use it as a phone meaning you can call people's phone lines if they dont have a computer but you will have to pay for the call.

It seems like everyone around the world is using this program. "At the beginning of 2005, the download counter was around 75 million (the download number includes active customers downloading updates). At the beginning of August 2005, the counter showed more than 144 million downloads." I would imagine there would be alot more users now in 2008!

With this many people using the program you know this is a cool and easy program to use. It is very easy to install and register onto Skype. The only hard part would be creating a neat name especially with so many millions of people using it. I would recommend getting a headset so that you can communicate with your friends instead of always having to type your messages.

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