Pandora (Radio)

I want to tell you about this free program, my brother has told me about. It's a website where you can find any kind of music you could possibly imagine. Just by typing in the name of the band or the name of the song. Than it will search through it's huge database of music and it will find it. It's pretty amazing how fast it is, I mean whatever you are looking up, say a song, it will pop within seconds. Than it will automatically start playing and if it is not the band/song you were thinking of, Pandora will give you more choices. Once you choose a song or artist it will make a channel that will play only music sounding like that artist or song. Than you can rate the songs as whether you like it or not and it seems to learn what you like and dislike and eventually you will have a channel with just the music you like! You can have a bunch of channels. I am not sure really of how many channels you are allowed to have, but you can have atleast five. You can get a profile where you can add friends and share what kind of music you like with each other. Pandora also has alot of information on the bands, such as what they are about, where they came from, and their latest music even on music that you may of never heard of. I think this program is really cool and very easy to use, I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in music!

I like to use this while I am working online, doesn't feel like work when you are singing along to your favorite tunes!

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