1 : act of depraved indifference in regards to the unborn during the 2008 Presidential Elections
2 : trading the truth and God for selfish reasons and motivations, while ignoring the life and dignity of the unborn
3 : holding other issues in higher priority over the mass slaughter of thousands each day in America
4 : thinking that just because we can't see the unborn, they don't matter
5 : voting for someone who has vowed to sign legislation (The Freedom of Choice act) which if enacted would abolish all restrictions and limitations on abortion, resulting in millions more dead

On November 4th 2008 we saw the hearts of the majority of American voters and it's no surprise considering what the bible says about the human condition. This doesn't mean our countries hopeless though, no matter what silly slogan obama misuses that word in. We still have the only real hope there is.

Since I'm a rapper, you must think that I'm liberal,
But I'm never gonna listen to their lies or this bull,
It's kinda funny, but it's stereotypical,
To think blacks, hispanics and us rappers are little fools,
I'm not your puppet and you haven't decieved me,
And I'm never gonna buy into the lies that you feed me,
I won't sell out over selfish reasons,
And reject all the principles I've come to believe in,
You're brainwashing the poor to think that,
The only thing that matters is the less that they pay tax,
I don't know how the democrats tricked 'em,
But now they think, that they aren't really part of the system,
The democratic parties never liked black rights,
Even though that's contradictory to what they might act like,
But now it seems that they've gotten their way on that,
Today, most blacks are now slaves to the democrats.

People say I'm just a one issue conservative,
And then they act shocked like I shouldn't be concerned with it,
I'm disconcerted with the way all these churches sit back,
Like the murder of children isn't concernin' them,
They say it's their right to take a child and than murder 'em,
This is absurd and it's something that I've been burdened with.
Since Roe V Wade over 49 million,
Unborn babies have been destroyed and dismembered and,
It's hard to believe in a country that's so proud of rights,
People can get a way with taking other peoples lives,
I can't believe that the majority approves this,
Pretending like we really don't know where the proof is,
We're not that ignorant, but I know we're evil,
Scientists care more for global warming than people,
So as we spend millions, tryina prove we're the cause,
Millions are gonna die because we're stubborn and wrong.

It's funny they say that it's all for the children,
And I guess it might be, only if we don't kill them,
Too bad the new president, cares more about choice,
Then the murder of americans, who don't have a voice,
They say this election was great for our nation,
But the only thing it proved, is still people are racist,
Those who voted soley based on skin tone,
Have desecrated the dream, martin luther king lived for,
Before you say that I'm racist or arrogant,
Alan Keyes has an african american heritage,
That's the man I endorsed from the get go,
He believes in God's authority and holds on to this hope,
I couldn't vote for McCain or republicans,
When it came down to it they betrayed all our trust in them,
-This nations consumed with the sin that enslaves us,
Since we've rejected the law of the God who made us.

When it comes to the current state of America there are many issues that arise, but the real issue behind it all is our relationship to God as individuals and as a nation.

We've become so numb to reality,
That we don't even see we've become God's enemy,
We the people, traded truth and God for lies,
As a nation we've committed obamacide.
It's so sad, I have to write on this notepad,
The things people know in their hearts, but just won't have,
We the people, traded truth and God for lies,
As a nation we've committed obamacide.

We murder 4 thousand a day,
Let alone for convenience sake,
How can you just sit back and never react,
To the holocaust in front of your face?
The sad thing is we'd like to save our face,
But the truth is we're all to blame,
They say hitler was evil, but we've killed,
Over 49 million since Roe V Wade.

[lyrics by Jesus Disciple "Obamacide"]

Abortion...This is one of the main reasons I did not want Mr. Barack Hussein Obama to be my president. He seemed to be hell bent on allowing women to be able to "Choose" with his radical positions on abortion. He actually said he "The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That's the first thing that I'd do." Not only that he also signed the Mexico City Act which is using American tax dollars to pay for abortions around the world. I wonder how this is helping our country.

The United States Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand. The decision is called Roe vs. Wade. We call it Death Roe. About one fourth of our generation has already been wiped out, and the executions continue at the rate of over 3000 a day. If you were born after that date, you are one of the unchosen. You are a Death Roe Survivor.

49,551,703 people murdered since 1973, Oh Lord God Almighty have mercy on us for our wicked ways.

Help fight against the murdering of those that have no voice Say No to FOCA


Anonymous said...

Defending the unborn is a righteous cause Tom. Keep it going, T.

Anonymous said...

Wow! When you come back, you come back full speed ahead, Thomas! What a great post! I hope you're feeling as good as your words. :)

While they don't mention abortion specifically, you might be interested in Herky's and my FFQF posts today, here:



They are an echo of the refrain from the song:

We the people, traded truth and God for lies,
As a nation we've committed obamacide.

It's great to have you back in the fight, my friend. I pray for your continued strength.

ThomasCSlater said...

Thanks guys, it has been on my heart for awhile. Thank you both for stopping by, and Jean thank you for the prayers, it's good to be back.

Hercules Mulligan said...

What a true song. Thanks, by the way, for including the lyrics; I have a difficult time understanding rap without the printed word.

Thanks for standing up. This is not, at its core, a political issue, but a moral one. When a nation has the blood of its own innocents upon its hands, and doesn't repent, we are in trouble.

God bless.

ThomasCSlater said...

Hey Herky! Thanks for stopping by, yes it is sad that people can't just admit it is wrong and do away with it.

Lori said...

What a great post Thomas! I forgot to come back and write a comment because I followed the link you supplied us with to sign the petition to fight FOCA. I sent the petition to others to sign, so thanks:)

ThomasCSlater said...

Thanks Lori for stopping by and for spreading the word.

Dani' El said...

Shalom Thomas.
How are you doing?
I removed my blog for a couple of weeks and wanted to make sure you knew the new location here.


I have not seen you around so I pray that you are well.

And you are spot on about the Obamanation.
This week he is over schmoozing with his EU NWO brethren.
He's selling out the USA more and more everyday, and also cozying up with Israel's enemies.

God will pour His wrath out on the USA and soon.

I've renewed my open air efforts last week so I appreciate your prayers as I go out amongst the wicked of Sodom.

Again, I pray that you are well.
Don't be a stranger.

Baruch HaShem,
Dani' El

ThomasCSlater said...

Hey Dani'el thanks for stopping by and for your prayers, they are appreciated. I hope all is well with you.

Jesus Disciple said...

Thanks for posting my video/song! I'm glad people like it and I pray God uses it to open the eyes of many people.

ThomasCSlater said...

Jesus Disciple thanks for stopping by! Thank you for making music and helping spread the word of God! Yes, I hope that God will start to open people's eyes, ears, and soften their hearts, but this is something they have to want as well.